Cannondale road bikes Castlemaine


Specialized road bike Castlemaine

Our approach to race bike selection is frame first, wheels second and groupset third.

To ensure you are getting top end performance and value, you should never base your purchase on the bikes components alone, as this only has minimal impact on the ride quality and often leads to disappointment.


Our team is committed to helping you choose the bike which is perfectly suited to your riding requirements.

This means you don't have to stress about making the wrong purchase and ending up with an expensive dust collector in your garage.

All our new Road bikes are blue printed out of the box!


We strive to set ourselves apart from other bicycle retailers.

Rather than trusting the factory pre-assembly, our Mechanics strip all new performance bikes back to the frame, clean and replace factory grease, reinstall and re-torque every nut, bolt, spoke, screw and cable on the bike.


This ensures you have an exceptionally well performing and safe bike to ride from day one.

We pride ourselves on making sure our customers have a correctly sized bicycle. We'll  provide the necessary adjustments to your new bicycle before purchase to ensure there is no doubt that your new bike is right for you.


We also suggest riding your new road bike for a few weeks to become accustom to it's feel and to allow your body to adjust.

Any comfort or performance issues can be rectified by booking in for a Body Geometry Fit.