E-Bikes have been known to divide the cycling community, but that's just because they're misunderstood.


E-bikes are growing in popularity and are the number one seller in Europe among commuters, Specialized has even released an MTB E-Bike that is so good at climbing it puts a Mountain Goat to shame! 


That being said the benefits and exhilaration that E-bikes can provide far out weigh the snobbery that cycling purists attach to the idea of riding an E-Bike.

The Bike Vault has a large range of E-Bikes which are "pedal assist"meaning you can still get a work out while riding and your ride can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be.

These bikes are perfect to use as a commuter and are ridiculously economical to run.

Even if you're the most die hard cycling purist out there, We guarantee that riding one of these bikes will definitely change your perception and put a big smile on your face!

Why not come in and test ride one today and join the Cycling r(E)volution!